There was some sort of urgency in his raw feelings on which he found pleasure in pain. Before he could say enough he would want more. The natural instinct about his raw carnal desires and an act made him feel sick. Ah… It’s such a boring day… let me do it once more, he thought.


She was musing over an idea that came upon to her mind. It was so sudden that she could resist her own standards. After all, why should women always sacrifice her desires for the family? Without further speculation she savored the last gulab jamun that was left in the jar before her son could ask.


He despised his father since childhood, and after fifteen years when he saw his face in the mirror he despised himself, for that he looked just like his father. He tried to forgive the past but it was much more than that -that the broken family can never be restored.


“I drink vodka like water and listen to classical music every night. Often loneliness creeps into my thoughts and makes me realize I truly exist,” He continued writing after gulping down the glass of vodka and feeling the exposition of music, “I sometimes wonder, if someone would take away my existence along with my loneliness.”



They met in painting exhibition. They exchanged smiles and got acquainted quickly. They decided to have a conversation over coffee, in restaurant they touched each others’ legs and behaved casually as if it happened accidentally. They discovered that they both love classic films and European languages. By evening, they had drinks and then kissed goodbye.


“There’s this movie where a married man and women fall in love with each other, and they long to hear those special words before they say goodbye but they couldn’t…” He said. She smiled and said “I love you…” “…love you too!”He replied holding her hands and got up in hurry hearing the flight announcement.



Nothing, it was a good date.


I don’t know. I mean she’s nice girl, good looking and fun loving…

“Then, what’s bothering you?”

It’s just that I didn’t like her casual behavior much.

“Like what?”

I know it’s silly but, she didn’t cover her mouth while yawning in public and I dislike it.


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